Satellite image reception

Status : Completed Mar 23, 2019

Receiving satellite image from NOAA and Meteor M weather satellites

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There are lots of satellites orbiting around the earth which broadcasts radio signals. If we have the right hardware, we can receive those signals to extract data. A few of these satellites are used for weather monitoring by taking pictures of the earth. For receiving these signals a Software Defined Radio(SDR) can be used.

SDR is a radio in which the physical layer functions are software defined. Which means tuning, filtering, demodulating of radio signals are performed using software. Generally SDRs are expensive devices. But there exist a cheap low performance SDR dongle called RTL-SDR which I used for this project. This device receives radio signal and converts it into raw digital form and feeds that signal into a computer or laptop. Then the signal processing is done using software in the computer.

I successfully received signals from American NOAA weather satellites and Russian Meteor weather satellites. These satellites transmit radio signals with unencrypted data at around 137 MHz. I used appropriate antennas tuned to 137MHz to receive the signal.

Ongoing development

  • Making an high gain & directional motorized antenna mount which can track the satellites automatically.
  • Making an AI model to predict weather using the data received from satellites.